works of connection


We work to create connection.


Meg Jamison is a brand designer dedicated to the belief that we can live in a harmonious and interconnected world. Uncover the core of who you are and express your offering as a unique and inspired brand!

Meg guides you on this process of self-discovery by providing many pathways for exploration, asking in-depth questions, crafting a story, and staying true to the intention, while providing comprehensive design services to help you live in your calling.


Our process is all about you.


We work specifically to uncover your story and craft a narrative that is beautiful, inspired, and unique. 

You are the main character of this narrative and you get to decide.

We'll create beautiful websites, logos, graphics, and spaces that visually express your incredible self.


the world needs us to come alive.


We hope you join on us for the journey. This work of self-expression and beautiful branding is not only beneficial for ourself, but for all beings everywhere.

Find us on the drawing board and connect with us regarding any future ventures. We believe in the good things coming.


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